Monday, July 13, 2009

Sono Pazzi questi inglesi. 3

Alcuni giorni fa in Croazia è venuto a trovarci un buon amico londinese. Si è bevuto e scherzato ricordando i tempi andati, ma si è anche discusso dell' Eurabia e del Londonistan. Ad esempio, è stata l'occasione per chiedere la ragione per cui i bobbies non muovono un dito mentre, nelle manifestazioni organizzate dalle bestie islamiche, si straccia la bandiera inglese e si inneggia all'Islam. La risposta era scontata: il governo impone alle forze di polizia di non intervenire durante le manifestazioni islamiche, nemmeno quelle chiaramente antioccidentali e di odio religioso, se non per preservare la sicurezza dei manifestanti. Questo accade perché gli inglesi sono da ormai troppo tempo governati da un gruppuscolo di idioti, mezziuomini tremebondi, paurosi di eventuali conseguenze che potrebbero scaturire da una linea dura contro chi predica la fine dell'Occidente. Certo è che la gente comune, la working class, è ormai giunta al limite della sopportazione, pertanto verrà il tempo in cui a nuove provocazioni finalmente il popolo vero risponderà con la fermezza, magari con la violenza, l'unico codice riconosciuto e accettato da quelle bestie.
Finita la premessa, riporto integralmente e in lingua inglese le considerazioni di Gandalf su UP Pompeii, dopo la lettura di questo articolo sul Daily Express

Freedom to hate and abuse - licence to kill? - we are outlaws

Well there you have it, its official, we the non Muslim citizens of the UK are now official targets for the hate of the Muslim inhabitants of this country, we are quite clearly not entitled to any kind of protection and support from the law enforcement services of this country - we are outlaws The police force have been instructed NOT to prosecute hate crimes committed by Muslims against us.
POLICE will be ordered not to charge Muslim extremists in many hate crime cases – to stop them becoming more militant.
Of course if we are perceived to have committed a hate crime against them then the full weight of the law will be placed upon us. This ruling effectively gives the freedom to abuse the British public and indeed a license to kill to the Muslim population of this country. The Opinionator chronicles the crimes committed against UK citizens by the Muslims in the UK, there is a very good possibility that these crimes will no longer be prosecuted for fear of radicalizing the perpetrator. Hate and abuse will probably be totally ignored so if you are a victim of such hate and abuse do not bother telling the police they will clearly do nothing. At a time when British troops are being killed in Afghanistan, a situation that will be celebrated by many Muslims in the UK, our politicians allow a situation where the enemies of this country are given a carte blanche to abuse, attack and possibly kill British people. All now becomes clear, the "soft" policing of Muslim rioters, the lack of will in deporting people like Abu Hamsa, the complete inactivity of the Foreign Office in securing the safety of British citizens abroad - especially in Muslim countries - thus resulting in their deaths.
Insomma, i maomettani sono legittimati a stracciare le bandiera dello stato che li accoglie; possono insultare impunemente i soldati inglesi come è accaduto a Luton; hanno una vera e propria immunità per i reati che condurrebbero qualsiasi occidentale davanti ad un giudice. Eppure sembra non sia sufficiente:

Muslim groups in the UK are calling for more protection from the Nazi UK population

Muslim groups are demanding a stronger response to the wave of anti-Islamic violence they say is sweeping Europe and the UK. The call follows the fire-bombing of the Glasgow premises of charity Islamic Relief last Thursday, which is the latest in a series of attacks on Muslim properties and places of worship in recent weeks. Earlier in the week, Metropolitan police commander Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of British Muslims that police were responding to a growing threat of far-right extremist violence. This raises the question " what constitutes "far right" extremist violence - it could be interpreted as almost anything and the police will actively prosecute. We now have a very clear rule, there is one law for the Muslim and NONE for us, we are the permanent victim we are the permanent offender We of course would be rounded up and charged - probably imprisoned if we held a rally in a state school concerning the Islamization of the UK - if you are a "radical" Muslim this does not happen 'EXTREMIST' Muslims have been invited to speak at a Hounslow school in a move council chiefs claim is designed to spread 'fear and mistrust'. Dr Daud Abdullah, assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain, is among the controversial speakers lined up for a debate at Lampton School tomorrow (Saturday) night. There is now clear evidence that the authorities in the UK are totally pro - Islamic, all of the above plus the growth of Sharia law, plus the fact that the first Muslim has been promoted to Privy councilor status:
Transport minister Sadiq Khan made a bit of history this evening as he was sworn in as a member of the Privy Council. Sadiq became the first ever Muslim to hold the office of Privy Councilor after the ceremony at Buckingham Palace. He took along his own copy of the Koran for the oath. The minister then kindly left his copy for the Palace for any future ceremonies by fellow Muslims. He tells me: "It's hugely important that Muslims in the UK recognize that we are fully accepted at the highest levels of society and that there is no conflict between being a Muslim and swearing allegiance to the Queen. To my mind the situation has now come about where the British people are close to being "persecuted" just for being British and our esteemed government is taking the lead role in the persecution of the people of this land.

It really is time for a revolution.
E' arrivato il tempo della rivoluzione.


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